Chocolate-coated ricotta mousse with a heart of truffle honey and colomba toasted with truffle butter

This time Chef Michele Pidone guides us on a recipe taking truffle to the world of desserts. A balanced dish that surprises with its tastes, intensity and textures, but also for its sustainable approach, enhancing and giving new life to the traditional leftovers of the Easter holidays.


A dessert that will win your heart with every spoonful.

For the ricotta mousse:
250 g sheep ricotta cheese
250 g semi-whipped cream
110 g Italian meringue
6 g isinglass

For the coating:
500 g chocolate (from the Easter eggs)
150 g seed oil

For the filling:
150 g truffle honey

For the colomba:
8 discs of colomba
20 g truffle butter


Mix the soaked isinglass with the Italian meringue, then add the sifted ricotta and the half-whipped cream. Pour the mixture into some semi-spherical molds until half-full. Using a sac a poche insert Urbani Tartufi’s honey at the center, complete with the remaining mousse and put everything in the freezer. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and add the seed oil to it.

Using a long toothpick immerse the frozen ricotta mousse into the chocolate coating, put the half-spheres on a baking tray and bring them to temperature in the fridge. In the meantime, cut some colomba discs with the same size of the half-spheres. Brush them with truffle butter and toast them in the oven. Put the toasted colomba disc at the center of the dish and place the mousse over it. Our dessert is ready!

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