Imagine a dinner with King Charles of England

We met chef Enrico Derflingher to discover the recipe of one of the most sought-after dishes, tasted by the greats of the Planet: Prince Charles’ Risotto. The chef revealed us the recipe together with some culinary facts about His Majesty.


From the Royal House to the White House, from the G7 to the G8, from Milan’s Expo to London’s Olympics, from George Clooney to Tom Cruise and Andrea Bocelli, many Heads of State, politicians, athletes, international jet setters and Hollywood stars tasted one of chef Enrico Derflingher’s classics. It’s a risotto made with special ingredients –including Urbani’s Precious black Truffle- and that has royal origins, as its name suggests.

“It was 1987 and, thanks to a contest of the Italian Embassy, aged only 26, I had the chance of becoming the British Royals’ personal chef. I was – and still am today- the only Italian chef to cross the threshold of the royal kitchen, after over 400 years of French cooks.”

Working between the Palace and the house of the former Prince of Wales – today’s King Charles of England- Derflingher has lived in Kensington Palace from 1987 to 1990. An important time, when he had the chance to meet the English royals and learn their dining habits, tastes and passions. From the chef’s memory arises the fact that the current King Charles is a great connoisseur and lover of the Italian cuisine.


“He himself decided to break the tradition of French cuisine at court, requiring an Italian chef. From what I recall, he is truly fond of our culinary culture, he loves stuffed pasta, like tortellini, cannelloni, lasagna and ravioli – unlike Lady Diana, who preferred long-cut pasta –and he has a true passion for extra virgin olive oil tasting. I happened to follow him during some of his trips to Italy – a Country that he loves-, he went to Tuscany and northern Tuscia in particular, where he stocked up typical products, mainly extra virgin olive oil.”


It is no wonder, then, that the risotto of this special recipe is dedicated precisely to him.

“Knowing the former Prince of Wales’ passion for our Country’s typical products, I prepared it for the first time in 1989, inspired by his tastes. I remember being in the country residence and that he was so impressed to define it one of his favorite dishes. He chose it for many official dinners in the following years.

This dish represents the Italian cuisine and its excellent products, indeed. It fully expresses its philosophy by using all of its top-level ingredients, reflecting the heritage of our culinary culture. A winter dish, prepared for very important occasions, whose special ingredients tell us about Italy’s fascinating territories and unique products, like Urbani Tartufi’s precious black Truffle.”

Passiamo ora alla preparazione che segue le precise indicazioni dello chef Enrico Derflingher.


• 400 gr Carnaroli Campo dell’Oste rice
• 50 gr Urbani Tartufi’s black precious truffle
• 50 gr Urbani Tartufi’s truffle cream
• 100 gr diced Bassi Gran Vittoria’s DOP Gorgonzola
• 80 gr IGP Tropea’s red onion
• 50 gr grated DOP Boni’s 24 months Parmigiano Reggiano
• 50 gr carrots
• 50 gr celery
• 50 gr alpine butter
• 30 gr I&P’s extra virgin olive oil
• 10 gr marjoram
• 0,5 gr saffron stigmas
• salt and pepper to taste


Prepare a liter of vegetable stock, also using the vegetables waste (including skins and peels), add salt to taste. Sautee with Bava white or Mattia Vezzola rosè wine. Simmer Tropea’s IGP red onion with I&P’s extra virgin olive oil. Add the rice to the onion and simmer with white wine, add salt and pour the stock little by little, while constantly stirring.


After approximately five minutes, add the saffron stigmas after having soaked them in cold water, the diced Bassi DOP gorgonzola and Urbani’s precious black truffle cream. Proceed with cooking for a total of 15 minutes. Now remove from the heat and add some more dices of Bassi DOP gorgonzola, the marjoram, the DOP Parmigiano Reggiano and the butter. Finally add some extra virgin olive oil and whisk the rice.

Let the risotto rest a few minutes with the heat off before serving it. Garnish with a little grated black Truffle and, if you like it, violets or primroses.

It/EnA magazine by Urbani Tartufi
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