Filosofia Naturale

Filosofia Naturale was born from Urbani’s experience and commitment for sustainability, a new line with the intense flavor of nature. With a few genuine ingredients and, most of all, in total absence of additives and synthetic flavorings, the Filosofia Naturale range expresses the essential values of Urbani’s philosophy, i.e. sustainability, quality, safety and reliability.


We believe in the natural flavor of truffle. In the authentic taste of porcini mushrooms. This is the real Urbani revolution. 


Filosofia Naturale line expresses the pure pleasure of nature as well as the respect towards it. With Filosofia Naturale Urbani, always careful in the selection of raw materials, offers natural, healthy, eco-compatible and eco-sustainable products, for a balanced nutrition built around the principles of physical, mental and environmental wellbeing. A line of products –Truffle sauce, Porcini mushrooms, Porcini and Truffle, Truffle carpaccio, Whole summer Truffles, Drops of white Truffle, Drops of black Truffle- created using only natural flavorings. It is extremely hard to evocate every truffle olfactory and taste sensation, but nature supplies everything we need.


Thanks to the combination of precious vegetable matrixes, we can fully enhance the pure pleasure of truffle products, without sacrificing a healthy and genuine nutrition. Every Filosofia Naturale product meets the many ethnical and nutritional needs and requirements of the consumers, as it is realized with extremely selected raw materials, following the ancient Urbani tradition on one side and the attention to change on the other.

This process is possible only thanks to a fully sustainable supply chain, where each product is certified with maximum transparency and care for the customer, by practicing kindness towards the environment and nature. The packaging of every Filosofia Naturale product is completely eco-sustainable thanks to the exclusive use of recyclable materials, such as glass, metal, paper and compostable plastic.

From food certifications (e.g. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free) to the No OMG and the GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE ones – important tools to implement the monitoring and optimize the agri-food safety in every step of the process, following the cultivation- Urbani chooses transparency and listens to its consumers’ needs, more and more ethical and respectful of the Planet and its future, using products carrying all the good of nature.


Find out all the details of Filosofia Naturale products and certifications

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